New Security Layer for WhatsApp Web & Desktop

WhatsApp New Security Layer

If you love using WhatsApp from your computer then here is big news for you. WhatsApp has added a new security layer for you to access from web or desktop app. Now, before you link your WhatsApp account to your computer, you will be asked to authenticate yourself using your fingerprint or Face ID.

The company says this will prevent using WhatsApp of someone else living in the same room or working in an office. If you have been using WhatsApp web for a very long time then you might know in the beginning there was no notification of logged in on WhatsApp web. Later they added a notification alert when your WhatsApp is being used on a computer. The new update will have this feature in the upcoming weeks and you will be more secure than before while using WhatsApp on a computer.

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Will WhatsApp Collect Biometric Data?

As WhatsApp privacy policy is already a hot topic for discussions and people are more concerned about privacy than features. Keeping in mind all this, The company already stated that this will not store any biometric information and it even can’t access this information from a phone’s operating system.

Will it work on mobiles having no fingerprint or face lock?

I don’t think it will work on that phone that has no fingerprint or face recognition lock. As in the previous updates, all those phones having no fingerprint lock can’t use the locking WhatsApp feature. But, we have to wait for the feature to be added in the next update.


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