10 Free Best Google Chrome Extensions for 2023

best Google Chrome extensions

You can use the best Google Chrome extensions to boost your productivity, cut down on distractions, and find information without leaving your web browser.

The best thing about it is that you have a lot of options. The Google Chrome online shop has a variety of products that make you safer, smarter, and more productive with just one click. Here, we’ve put together the best ones.

We can’t promise that these extensions will make YouTube dog videos less interesting to watch, but advertisers who want to spend less time online should use them.

Even though it has many good things, like cute animal videos, GIFs, and informative blogs, one of the worst things about the Internet is that it can be distracting. How many times have you started work only to get stuck in a pit of putting things off?

Maybe you’re too busy checking social media or reading Wikipedia to find out what Gina Rodriguez’s first TV job was (it was on Law & Order). Every time you click on something online, it’s easy to get distracted and do less work.

Best Google Chrome Extension For 2023

Check out the following add-ons to fix this problem and boost your productivity.

HubSpot Sales

With HubSpot’s Sales tool, your email inbox is linked to your CRM. With this best Google Chrome extension, you can move contact information directly from your email into your CRM, so you don’t have to switch between the two apps. This saves staff time in their daily work and keeps important information about clients safe.

HubSpot Sales also has a useful feature that lets you track and log emails. Users can send emails and get alerts when their messages are sent, opened, or clicked on. So, the email thread can be saved in the CRM as long as the conversation is going on.


Todoist is a project management app that lets you make to-do lists that look good and are well organized on all of your devices. With the best Google Chrome extension, you can look at your to-do list or your team’s shared lists and add items without having to open a new tab, app, or device.


With the Chrome plugin for Reply, you can look at and talk to potential clients on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it easy to find and verify anyone’s email address, either one at a time or in large groups.

Once you have the contacts, you can either sync them to your CRM, like HubSpot, or get in touch with the prospects right away.

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StayFocusd lets you set time limits for certain websites, which makes it easier to focus on work when you need to. It is very easy to set up. For example, you could limit your time on Twitter to 20 minutes but only on Facebook to 5 minutes. It also has fun things like “Require Challenge: If you set time limits on a website and then want to change your settings, you have to do a challenge (think: retyping a piece of text without typos or answering questions).


LastPass is a password manager that fills in passwords for all accounts saved with this best google chrome extension. You only need to remember the password for LastPass. This will save you time and keep your personal information safer.

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Add to Trello

This plugin makes it easy to add URLs as cards to your Trello boards. You can use Trello for project management, team collaboration, your content calendar, or just a personal to-do list.

Extensions Manager

We couldn’t give you more than 50 extensions to try without also suggesting that you use Extensions Manager. Use this tool to control the add-ons on your browser so they don’t take up half the screen. It shows you the best Google Chrome extensions you have installed and gives you the option to hide some of the icons so you can manage your browser better.

Toggl Track

If you often spend too much time on one task, to the point where you don’t have time to do other things, you might want to use the Toggl Track Chrome extension. It starts a timer within the web browser itself. You don’t need to set a timer on your phone or tablet. Start the extension to start keeping track of how much time is spent on tasks.

Print Friendly & PDF

With the Print Friendly & PDF Best Google Chrome Extension, it’s easy to save a page in a format that can be printed or as a PDF. The addon gets rid of ads and other things that make a page hard to read. This makes reading more enjoyable. You can also delete photos and change the size of the text.

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Email Finder

The Email Finder will give you a list of confirmed emails associated with a domain right away, whether you’re trying to sell something. As well as find guest blogging opportunities, or find the owner of a small website.

It is a great tool for salespeople and marketers who want to spend less time looking for possible contacts within a company.


Now that your browser has the best Google Chrome extensions that can help you with everyday marketing tasks. So just try them out to see how much time and effort you can save.

Use the tools above when you’re ready to create your next piece of content to make the process easier and faster. Your team will be glad you did it.


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