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WhatsApp Chat List: New Update August 2022

WhatsApp Chat List: New Update August 2022

After adding new features to status updates, like the ability to respond with one of eight emojis, WhatsApp is now giving some lucky beta testers the option to see status updates in the chat list.

Status Updates – Chat List

Under the post about upgrading WhatsApp beta for Android to version, we talked about a new feature that is still in the works: the ability to see status updates from within the chat list. The feature was being worked on, but it was released quickly: WhatsApp is giving beta testers this feature today.

As this example shows, when a contact posts a new status update, it will also show up in the chat list. To see the status update, just click on the contact’s profile picture.

If you rarely post or read status updates and don’t like them, there is a way to stop them from showing up in the chat list: just mute them all.

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Today, WhatsApp is turning on this feature for a small group of beta testers. More people should get it in the coming weeks. Nota bene: Since this feature was added to WhatsApp beta for Android, it may soon be made available to some WhatsApp beta testers on iOS.


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