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10 Best Chat Tools for Small Businesses

10 Best Chat Tools for Small Businesses

As our experience with working from home grows, so does the size of our digital world. In this growing world, the chat tools for small businesses that help you build real relationships with your clients can be the backbone of your business.

Live Chat Tools for Small Businesses

This article will give info about the live chat software that supports and manages customer questions, software with amazing functionality, live chat software options with easy-to-use features, or simple all-in-one customer care tools to help with your ticketing system.

Here is a short description of each of the best customer support chat software for small businesses on my list, along with screenshots that show what each program can do.

1. Chatra 

Chatra wants to combine live chat software, email, and your social network so that more than 40,000 businesses and online stores can automate and improve the customer experience.

Chatra looks at a real-time list of current and potential customers to find out where they are from so that your team can greet them properly. Their automated live chatbot gives you quick options and answers, so your team can work on more important things.

One customer service representative can use their free chat subscription to access channels, customer support tools, visitor intelligence options, and live chat, among other things. Plans that cost money start at $15 per agent per month.

2. Olark 

Olark‘s chat window interface is a mix of automation, analytics, and information that can be used as chat tools for small businesses. With the PowerUp feature, your staff can make a more personalized tone by using translation tools, co-browsing, chat service tools, and a live chatbox that doesn’t have your brand on it.

Their live chat software integration system is one of their best features. It is easy to learn and can connect to dozens of popular tools and apps so that customer support data can be shared easily.

Olark’s annual plan starts at $15 per month per agent, which is 21 percent less than their monthly plan, which costs $19 per agent.

3. Intercom 

Intercom‘s case studies show that its conversational help and customer care software led to a huge boost in sales, marketing, and support. Intercom has a three-part unification strategy that combines human, self-service, and proactive solutions to stay ahead of the competition and give clients the customer care they need.

They have an add-on that gives you full automation tools for your workflow. This lets your team use an automated live chat solution and resolution bots quickly, measure and improve relevance, and connect apps like Shopify and Stripe.

The “beginning” package for live chat and messaging from Intercom costs $39 per month. Intercom is proud to be the best business communication tool, which helps your customer service team build the best relationships.

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4. HubSpot Customer Service 

HubSpot is built with flexibility, real-time customer service, and the ability to personalize messaging and live chat as top priorities. Small business owners and people who are just starting will like having access to this CRM.

The chat tools for small business has many features, such as templates that can be changed, Gmail and Outlook connectors, and company insights. HubSpot has sophisticated software for live chat and easy-to-use bots, as shown in the screenshot.

If you need more than their many marketing, messaging, and free live chat support options, they have a great beginner plan for two people that costs $45 per month.

5. Freshchat 

One of the most popular Freshworks apps, Freshchat, combines messaging from a mobile app with a smart AI chatbot for customer service, sales, and marketing teams.

The app lets your team find leads, make live chat solutions that are relevant to the situation, send messages, and collect data by connecting to Google, Freshdesk, and Freshsales, among other services. You can also BYOB (bring your bot) if your team has already built a bot that works outside of the game.

On top of everything else, Freshworks gives you a free plan with up to 100 agents to start your customer service team. For small teams, their next “flower” plan starts at $15 per month.

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6. Helpshift 

Helpshift is a live chat and conversational software that takes customer service communication to heart. They built their customer support software with the goal of learning, being in the know, and making a space that encourages colleagues to do great things.

Their technology works well with bots and is a great chat tool for small business teams that don’t talk to customers as much face-to-face. This keeps your self-service responses automatic, easy to use, and relevant.

Helpshift has three starting bundles: essential, business, and elite. Additional features and integrations can be added upon request.

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7. Zendesk 

With over 150,000 customers in 160 countries, Zendesk is a leader in CRM, customer support, and customer relations. This software can do a lot of things, but I’ll just talk about the most important ones.

With Zendesk, your chat service team can be reached at any time through online and mobile apps, and their chat software encourages proactive management of outreach. Zendesk says that when people use live chat, they are three times more likely to buy something.

In addition to the “light” version of Zendesk that is free, there is a great, low-cost team plan that starts at $14/month/agent.

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8. Kayako 

Kayako is a strong, customizable solution for live chat support teams, so it takes a while to learn how to use it. More customization means that your support centre, iOS, web, and Android apps, all of which use Kayako, will work together better.

This kind of connection is very helpful for getting to know your customers, keeping track of them, and letting your customer service team know everything about them through a new chat solution.

Even though Kayako has a lot of features, the price for small teams starts at $15 per agent per month.

9. Hiver 

According to their website, Hiver loves email almost as much as they love God. Their easy-to-use Gmail interface lets your staff manage and organize client chats and questions right from their email.

They can do this by using chat tools for small businesses that make collaboration aware of the context, like adding colour-coded notes to each customer question. Their help desk is easy to use, bright, and all in one. It is also very easy to set up and requires almost no training.

Hiver has one of the cheapest starting plans for small live chat customer service teams and new businesses that want to get their team members up and running. For $7 per person per month, you get a shared mailbox, templates, analytics, and space for up to 10 people.

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10. Podium 

CEO Eric Rae started Podium in a store that sold tires. He made a product for his father that made getting good reviews as easy as sending an SMS.

Their technology combines customer support interactions and reviews into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. This lets your customer service team handle online reviews through live chat solutions. Users can send messages, look at invitations, and respond to reviews in real-time from this dashboard.

Pricing is only available if you ask for it. Podium knows that every business and situation is different, so they help you figure out what your business needs to grow.

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Chat tools for small businesses can help your business grow whether you need an automated response bot, a way to send invoices, a way to track reviews, or the ability to text customers. No matter how big your business is, using live chat software can lead to more sales, higher conversion rates, and less face-to-face time with your customer service team.


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